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Love your change, Health Coaching Self-Love for Beginners

"I love chocolate, I can't live without it, and I won't live without it. Food is not just fuel for the body, it is nurture for the soul”.


Whats is a Health Coach?


A Health Coach is an advisor in the Department of Health, a Coach is the one who trains, motivates, supports, and follows up with their student's progress.
In the Health field, the Health Coach walks you through, advises, inspires, and takes accountability of your path towards a state of grace with yourself, offering the necessary tools for you to make a change in your life areas of health, food, and wellbeing.

Love your Change is my program, want to know more?

There are no two people alike and this is why I don’t work with a “one fits all” program, my program will adapt to every client’s personal circumstances because it will depend on their unique situation.

Everybody, every mind, and every life circumstance is special and this is why we will develop a plan according to your bio-individuality that will adapt to your way of living and to your personal circumstances without giving up on anything, without making you do anything and without forcing you to anything.

We will work together to find the healthiest version of yourself.

In this program, you will slowly learn how to tell which things hurt you (and we are not only speaking of food) and how to crowd them out for others that will give you the same pleasure without the downside you are experiencing.

This kind of program needs your compromise and discipline to succeed, a change of habits is a difficult task, your commitment is paramount.

This is your space for change, where you will be able to unblock the areas in your life that have you paralyzed.

I will teach you to crowd out toxic for healthy without renouncing to those treats that help you survive the moments of tension and blockage, bringing joy in your life.

There is no diet, only learning to feed your body and soul properly for the rest of your life.

If we agree on working with compromise and commitment, you will feel:

  • Free with what you eat
  • Happy with what you do
  • Beautiful everyday

If you are not ready for a long term commitment, we could start with single sessions.

This Program IS for you if:

If you know there are elements in your life that pull you to the version of yourself you know and want to make better

If you are confused because you are not feeding yourself well inside and outside the plate and you need a change in your life

If your lifestyle has led you to a craziness you want out because you know it is hurting you

If you are frustrated with your life choices and you want to start to change them

If Yes to any of these but you don’t know where to start...

This program is NOT for you if:

If you DON’T have an intention to change elements in your life you know they are not helping you

If you have resistance to change

If you don’t like trying new things

If you are looking for a restrictive diet o a nutrition plan

If you have advanced knowledge of nutrition, yoga o meditation

Do you want to start?

I offer you a FREE 45 minute consultation to see where you are at.
To book an appointment send an email to or click here


Frequency and Method

This is an 8 week Program along 4 months

Why 4 months?

This type of long term commitment with yourself works very well as a break through in your new life choices. The 4 months arch time is a long enough period for you to face different situations in your life (social events, holidays, weekends…), so you will learn how to integrate your new habits. Once you have established the new mind set, we can schedule support meetings whenever you need them.

1 session every 15 days

Every session will be 50 minutes long

At the end of every session, you will get 3 tips, if you find they are not enough, I can give you more.

We will hold some sessions via Zoom, others will be in person (yoga, supermarket visits, and the ones that can eventually turn up due to the bio-individuality of the client).

After each session, you will receive an email with a recap, links to relevant info, and your “homework”. In between sessions, we will follow up via email, I will answer within 24h.

Nowadays, the information is available to anyone with an interest, what I offer is the guidance we all need to achieve our goals, and that holds an incalculable value.



  • Yael
    "Thank you, Isabel, you heal me. This is the first message I wrote after my first session with Isabel. Thank you for teaching me how to breathe during my yoga practice, to eat better, to sleep better, to take care of my self and to listen to my body and mind. I can say I am happier now. Thank you for your help, your knowledge, and your expertise. You have a gift and you heal deeply".
  • Gracias a Isa llegó el Ashtanga a mi vida. Y con él un camino en el que empecé a ser más consciente de la importancia de cuidar mi interior. De la mano de sus recetas y consejos sobre alimentación, enseñándome que simplemente a adaptar pequeñas cosas en mis hábitos y compras,  he aprendido a tener una vida mucho más sana y que esto ayuda a conseguir un equilibrio cuerpo-mente y (en mi caso) espíritu. Sobre todo, ¡Gracias Isa porque todo esto llegó para quedarse!

Why a Health Coach?


When I was 28 years old, I suffered from an acne outbreak and pigmentation spots started to develop on my face. To me it was obvious it was related to my diet and maybe some trace of chemical accumulated in my system... it could be related to the oral contraceptive that I had just quit after ten years.

I started to take an interest in what I was putting into my body, to read the labels of what I ate, to take an interest in the methods of production and farming.

Like so my journey started: dietitians, nutritionist, naturopaths, macrobiotic, Chinese Medicine, kinesiology, osteopaths, qi gong, yoga, shiatsu, talks, cooking classes, and every kind of alternative therapy opened the doors to an evident new world.

RAW vega, vega, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, pure vegetarian, Ayurveda, Microbiotics, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Mediterranean, Alkaline... Every nutrition theory has its own guides and I was starting to get confused. Went into very restrictive diets dropping nightshade vegetables, eggs, dairy, meat, fish…

Ten years into it I discovered Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I had just become a mom for my first time and had Little time to start new education, but when my girls were old enough, I signed up for the program!

I needed to integrate all the info I had gathered in this past time.

The journey to feeling better is a walk that never stops once you have started it, and you feel to share it with anyone who would listen.

Thanks to al IIN I have learned how bio-individuality is key because “one man's food is another man's poison. I had always been an Evangelist, talking my friends and family into my new therapy or super ingredient, I realized that it could turn into a profession.
If you enjoy the world of health, nutrition, healthy home cooking, wellbeing, spirituality, personal growth, social connexion...

IIN could be a great way to expand your personal knowledge or the perfect path to reinvent yourself professionally!

Become a Heatlh Coah and take part in the change you want to see in the world!

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