I feel each and every one of my creations as a child born from my womb. Though I love them all in the same manner, I have to admit, my books have a preferential place among my lineage.

To date I have published two books, and I am writing an urban novel, my third. Let’s not forget, the second instalment of Kiso Maravillas has been in the oven since 2016... When the moment comes I will know whether to resume this work or take the leap with any of the other four book projects brewing in my mind. Can anyone introduce me to the genie of the lamp so I can find a way to request 36-hour long days?

My first creature is La Profecía de Gaia, a fable of a parallel Multiverse, where a mixed-race girl of all breeds will save the world in which she lives. Gaia has a twin sister but she speaks English. Managing and supervising the translation of the book was quite an adventure, almost like rewriting it from scratch.

The second birth is of triplets, because the paper child comes together with my two flesh and blood daughters. Lo que nadie me dijo sobre la maternidad (y el sexo), which translates into something like: What nobody told me about motherhood (and sex), relates my matrescence process. In a direct and familiar tone I open a window to the psycho-affective transformation that I have experienced (and still do) through becoming the mother of two human beings.

At the moment I am writing the ups and downs of the ultimate Generation X members that shook Madrid, a Madrid that no longer exists, a Madrid of college and after-hours, a Madrid of friends and lovers, a Madrid where you could still park on the sidewalk. In the coming months, I will be delighted to take you by the hand through a very human and urban story where hearts beat at 130 bpm...